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Wood Window Restoration
Current wood window restoration technology makes the continued use of period windows cost effective and energy efficient.

Timber Frame Restoration
We use timber frame restoration techniques which permit maximum conservation of the original historic fabric in a structurally sound repair.

Carpentry Restoration
Combining period carpentry techniques with intimate knowledge of local historic architecture.

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Marlowe Restorations has been privileged to play a role in the restoration of these important historic buildings.

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Links to conservation products, restoration services and to organizations which support the development of preservation technology.

Skills Training and Assessment
Marlowe Restoration is a leader in applied wood conservation technology. We learn by teaching, by networking with artisan peers and by constant practice in the field.

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Timber Frame Restoration & Structural Repair.

We use modern and traditional timber frame restoration techniques which permit maximum conservation of the original historic fabric in a structurally sound repair.

The presence of interior and/or exterior historic finish goods over a timber frame structure often makes in place epoxy repairs and in place the most economical option. It is also the option which will conserve the maximum amount of historic work.

We are experienced, however, in matching the level of conservation to the significance and use of the building. We have, for example, furnished many structural repairs for barns and outbuildings which however historic they may be remain in their original use and require only a sound, well joined replacement or repair. Such repairs typically consist of a mix of restoration of existing members supplemented with new sawn timber timbers dimensioned and joined identically to the old. Reproducing the original mortise and tenon joinery is usually economical as it allows us to join new work to the old without reinforcement or additional alteration.

That said, epoxy wood restoration and reinforcement (with both stainless steel and fiberglass) allows us to restore structural stability to all but the most badly damaged original hand hewn timbers. While this level of original conservation generally costs more, there is one circumstance frequently encountered when it does not. For timberframes encumbered by exterior and interior finish goods, such as wood trim, clapboards, flooring or plaster, an in place repair not only conserves more of the original historic material, it can cost less.

Our state of Connecticut has some of the most beautiful and historically significant architecture in the country. Tell us about your historic Connecticut building project, either by email or by phone at 203-484-9643.


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